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Iron, Why we Need it and Where to Get it

We all know iron is important, but why? Iron is used to make a protein in our bodies called hemoglobin, which transports oxygen in the blood from our lungs to muscles, organs and tissues. Hemoglobin contains about 70% of our body's iron. So I guess you could say iron is kind of a big deal #mineralgoals.

So where can you get it? What if you don't eat meat? Don't worry there are plenty of sources, many of which might surprise you.

Now how much do you need? Check out this handy chart below to find out.

Children 1-3-->7 mg

Children 4-8-->10 mg

Children 9-13-->8 mg

Males/14-18-->11 mg

Females/14-18-->15 mg (pregnancy 27mg/lactation 10mg)

Males/19+-->8 mg

Females/19-50-->18 mg (pregnancy 27mg/lactation 10mg)

Females/51+-->8 mg

More information can be found here

So if you're feeling tired, low energy, having trouble sleeping, muscle weakness, etc. you might find paying special attention to your iron intake might help. Make sure to consume iron containing foods with a good source of vitamin c, like strawberries, oranges or kiwis and away from high calcium foods or supplements (may inhibit absorption).

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