The Full Story

My passion that was sparked 14 years ago during my undergraduate studies has bloomed into the ability to support women through one of the biggest life transformations imaginable. Pregnancy and postpartum are a beautiful but challenging time, nutrition that fuels your individual body can make a tremendous difference in how you feel.  Food can alleviate and eliminate common issues such as morning sickness, fertility, fatigue, heartburn, insomnia, leg cramps and much more.  I don’t believe in one size fits all solutions, everyone is an individual and our bodies all have specific needs and thrive best with different dietary patterns. I take a natural based, food is medicine, holistic and realistic approach.

Most of all I’m a mom and a person and I get it; I want you to walk away with realistic and sustainable changes to improve your life and well being. In our consultation I will take a detailed look at your current and past medical history, current dietary pattern, supplements, medications and physical movement. From there we will discuss goals and I will create a personalized plan for you.

Message me to set up a free 15 minute call to begin our journey working together.

I have experience working with prenatal, postpartum, lactation support, special diets (paleo, vegetarian, vegan, etc.), elimination diets, weight gain/maintenance/loss, muscle building, managing symptoms of morning sickness, constipation, disordered eating, children and babies.

Dietetic Internship (Sacramento State University)
Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Didactic Program in Dietetics (University of Alabama)  
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, Minor in Food Science (California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo) 


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